Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Been A While...

... But I haven't given up. Events continue to avalanche over my grand designs; the detritus is replaced as soon as I've cleared some away. I continue to work towards my goals, ableit slowly. I'll repeat that for emphasis: sloooowly.

I sketch, and draw, and even write a little. I'm taking a crack at the next installment of The Futurists. (I pause here to choke on some water. Can you drown from a water bottle?)

Half of my layouts are done for the next Futurists. I can imagine the final product will take me some time. I have the tendency to dwell for far too long on the minutiae of detail in a project, which usually brings the whole thing grinding to a halt. Frustration ensues, and I wrestle with a conflict of talent. Finally, abandoning the whole thing becomes the only way to get peace of mind. I convince myself that I just need more practice, more time, but now I realize that no matter how ready I feel, at some point I must proceed.

So, here I go, again.

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